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Discover our NIAP/FIPS certified,
secure communications solutions
for Enterprise and Government use.

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Seecrypt delivers military-grade, quantum-safe 
for phone calls, video calls, conference calls, instant messaging, and large file transfers, with enterprise IT management and metadata control.

Seecrypt delivers military-grade, quantum-safe 
for phone calls, video calls, conference calls, instant messaging, and large file transfers.



Secure Messaging and File Transfer

Seecrypt delivers secure instant messaging for organizations of all sizes. Exchange photos, videos, voice notes, and large files confidently, as each message and file is end-to-end encrypted using a unique key. Seecrypt's advanced Data at Rest encryption safeguards all files and media stored within the app.

Optimize collaboration and file-sharing by creating custom groups within the app. These groups enable secure and efficient messaging, teamwork, and file exchange.

Secure Voice & Video Calls

Seecrypt voice and video calls are fully encrypted end-to-end, with signal obfuscation, and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection. Advanced codecs ensure HD quality with low data and battery use, even across low-bandwidth mobile or wireless networks.


Secure calls can be made over any IP-based network, including 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G/HSDPA, 2G/EDGE, WiFi, and satellite networks, with full authentication of all parties on a call, eliminating the risks of impersonation through Caller ID spoofing.

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Secure Conference Calls

A conference bridge can be established instantly from the Seecrypt app by creating a group of contacts and hitting the call button.  With only mutually authenticated, authorized users, Cellcrypt conference calls eliminate the need for participant PINs and passwords.

With the Seecrypt Voice Gateway, PBX connected desk and conference phones can join a Seecrypt conference call to connect with Seecrypt users.

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Enterprise IT Management and Metadata Control

The Seecrypt Server provides total full IT Management of messaging and calls including users, policies and permissions, and safeguards call and messaging-related metadata and confidential information. 


A self-contained, secure communications infrastructure, the Seecrypt Private Switch provides signaling, messaging, and secure transport for voice calls, file transfers, and storage and can be deployed on-premises, multi-cloud (Azure or AWS), or even field deployed on a notebook PC.

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For Any Device

Seecrypt is the global solution for trusted mobile communications, providing private, real-time messaging, secure voice and conference calling, along with encrypted file sharing. With Seecrypt, every message, and every call, is protected by high-grade, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.


Seecrypt is available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices , and Windows


Try the New
Desktop Edition

Download the new desktop client for Microsoft Windows to extend secure messaging and secure calls to your PC or tablet.

White Label

You can demonstrate that security is your absolute priority with Seecrypt’s completely white-labeled offering matched to your brand identity. Be the company that ensures employees can easily and securely communicate and collaborate.


Show your customers what they mean to you, strengthening your relationship with them with a value-add app that allows them to talk directly to you without worrying about security access codes or costs.

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