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Military-Grade Encryption 
with Post-Quantum Protecion

Seecrypt's multi-layered cryptographic security provides unparalleled protection in Zero-Trust Environments, where networks are assumed to be compromised. Our innovative approach ensures maximum assurance for all your communications.

Seecrypt's advanced Crypto Core employs multiple encryption layers that exceed the stringent NSA CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm) specifications designed to protect classified Top Secret information. This level of security delivers robust data protection for your personal and business communications..

To stay ahead of emerging threats, Seecrypt incorporates Quantum-Safe Cryptography to safeguard the key establishment mechanism. This cutting-edge approach future-proofs your communications, ensuring they remain secure in the face of evolving cryptographic challenges.

With end-to-end key exchange, Seecrypt generates a unique keyset for every message, file transfer, or voice call. This eliminates the need for centralized COMSEC key management and guarantees secure communications between authenticated endpoints.

Multi-Layer Encryption

1. Tuneling

With Seecrypt, the outermost layer and all server links are secured with TLS using NIST-validated algorithms but adds E2E encryption tunneled through the architecture. 

2. Obfuscation

3. Encryption

The obfuscated data is secured end-to-end using a package of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Symmetric-Key Cryptography that exceeds the key length standards of the CNSA specification for Top Secret communications.

All data - voice, video, messages, and file attachments - are obfuscated to mitigate any future potential AES vulnerabilities. This occurs before the data is encrypted through the Cellcrypt crypto core.


Tunnel Architecture


Quantum-Safe End-to-End Encryption through a Tunnel Architecture

4. Quantum-Safe Protection

The crypto core is cryptographically overlaid with a quantum-safe envelope allowing for algorithms, such as CRYSTALS-Kyber and Classic McEliece, to be layered and changed as standards in this area emerge, without affecting the strength of the underlying ‘classical’ CNSA encryption

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