Network carriers are facing unprecedented threats to their business model, from competitors, new entrants and changing consumer habits. The traditional markets for voice and SMS are declining rapidly, and customer loyalty is decreasing. These market changes are taking place against a backdrop of heightened concerns around mobile privacy and security.

Carriers must look to capitalize on these trends, improving their differentiation in the market with value-added services that improve customer retention and grow revenue streams.

Seecrypt is the complete solution for trusted mobile communications, providing secure, real-time instant messaging, voice/conference calling and secure file transfer, all protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Combining military-grade security with the ease of use of a consumer app, Seecrypt requires no user training or configuration, ensuring fast and easy deployment, user acceptance and adoption across the enterprise. 


White labeled mobile and desktop apps for all your customer’s devices 

Seecrypt can be completely white-labeled to your brand, so you can show your customers that their security is your number one priority. 

With Seecrypt your customers can trust that their confidential mobile communications remain confidential

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