Communication Security Group (CSG) app Seecrypt Launches New Branding

Seecrypt's new aesthetic across the app, desktop and website reflects CSG's commitment to ensuring that the encrypted messaging offering looks, feels and performs in line with the progressive, forward thinking manner that our customers have come to expect.

The new version of the app offers users even easier and more intuitive navigation, with a slick and elegant front end, and will appear on all the relevant app stores within the next two days.

"Seecrypt users are attracted to our product because of the world-class services, backend and encryption we offer. It is a serious tool for government and enterprise." Explained Harvey Boulter, Chairman, Communication Security Group, "However, considering how much time they spend interacting with the app, we also understand the importance of ensuring that the experience is a pleasure. We hope that our customers will find the new look and feel enhances their interactions on a daily basis."

CEO John Robusto continued, "Form and function are crucial in this arena. Seecrypt now offers the ease and elegance of a consumer messaging app, while retaining the dedication to encryption and security that make it suitable for government and enterprise."

Seecrypt provides military-grade and authenticated end-to-end encryption, with crystal-clear voice quality and incredible low-latency, combined with the ease of use of a consumer-focused app. The platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and requires no user training, enabling fast and easy adoption across the enterprise. Voice calls, messages, instant conference calling and file transfers are fully encrypted and are routed through the mobile device's data connection, helping reduce business calling expenses. Unlike many popular consumer messaging and voice apps, Seecrypt allows organizations to retain complete control and internal management of corporate communications activity.

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