Every call and every message is encrypted with a new key and wrapped in a double-layer cryptographic scheme for complete end-to-end security.

Basic Overview

Basic Overview

Seecrypt develops user-friendly communication privacy software that allows you to download and install this application, for FREE. The app provides highly secure protection from eavesdropping on phone calls, text messages and attachments between Seecrypt-enabled devices anywhere in the world.

Your Privacy through Our Security

Seecrypt uses globally recognised encryption software to protect your communications over any public network.

Secure and Private Calls

Unlimited, secure conversations with anyone on the Seecrypt Privacy Network, anywhere in the world. Each call uses a unique encryption key, providing highly secure communications.

Encrypted Messaging

End-to-end encrypted messaging that changes encryption keys with every text message you send.

Simple-to-Use & Easy-to-Share

With its easy-to-use interface, similar to popular social messaging apps, you will be able to secure your conversations in no time, without requiring any technical skills.  It is easy to share and to connect with your friends and colleagues.

Low Cost Calling to Save You Money

The Seecrypt LITE version of the software is a FREE download. Messaging and inbound calls will always be free. For the first 30 days of using the application, all outbound calls are free. After this period, the Seecrypt LITE module will still always be free. Should you require additional functionalities or require the ability to continue making outgoing calls, you will need to upgrade to the Professional platform (SC3 Pro), which costs  $30 per annum or $100 once-off for 5 years.

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