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Instant and secure conference calls for enterprise mobility

Group calling can be set up instantly from your contacts list in seconds, just like a regular call
Secure, end-to-end encryption combines with call moderating, mute and eject options for the call initiator. 
Group calls can be set up instantly from your contacts list in seconds, just like a regular call
Seecrypt Conference Calling can combine with Seecrypt Voice Gateway via your PBX to extend calling to non-Seecrypt users 
Start a Seecrypt Conference Call from your smart phone at any time.

Select participants from your phone’s contacts list

Press call and the bridge is created, connecting you directly

The other participants get a message to join the call


Advanced cryptographic techniques ensure the privacy of conference calling even for mobile users operating within hostile environments.

For more information about our encryption, please click the link below.


In addition to end-to-end encryption, the Seecrypt Conference Calling web UI ensures that your business can enjoy secure, authenticated conference calling, safe in the knowledge that the right people are on the line. Call initiators or administrators have a full attendee list, and can easily invite new participants, mute and even eject callers if the need arises.


Ensuring all participants have the correct information to join a call is a major inconvenience with normal conference calling. Pins, passwords and international dial-in numbers can slow everything down, incur expensive long-distance charges, and even prevent crucial participants from joining calls.


With just one touch, Seecrypt Conferencing enables participants to join a cost-effective, secure VoIP conference call, already fully authenticated and ready to contribute.

Seecrypt Conference Calling is a cost-effective way to take the complication out of group calls and scheduled teleconferencing. Make secure, encrypted calls whenever you want, from your mobile or desktop, leveraging your existing infrastructure for seamless, immediate collaboration.


Secure group calls can be set up instantly from your contacts on mobile or desktop. Scheduled conferencing offers simple, straight forward calling and email invites, eliminating the need to arrange through a third party, or issue passwords. The call initiator can retain full control with a web UI that provides a complete list of attendees invited and present, plus mute and eject options.

An open bridge that can be ‘always on’ provides the organization with instant collaboration and messaging functions with zero setup time.


When combined with Voice Gateway and directed through your organization’s existing PBX, Conference Calling can even be extended via mobile, desktop or landline to non-Seecrypt users.


Hosting can be provided via the cloud, through on-site servers, or on a hybrid of the two, as best suits the organization.

Seecrypt Conference Calling.
Help your organization get on with business.
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