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Secure, Encrypted Calls Between Land Lines and a Mobile Workforce

Extend your PBX with Secure VoIP calls to mobile
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Securely connect to the company PBX to reach offices, customers, and employees.

Dramatically reduce calling costs by eliminating international roaming and long-distance charges.

Access PBX infrastructure securely from anywhere in the world, including conferencing and voicemail.

Protection from data interception using military-grade encryption on VoIP calls between mobile devices and secure PBXs.


The Seecrypt Voice Gateway provides an encrypted VoIP channel to integrate an existing digital PBX infrastructure seamlessly.


Allowing organizations to extend their existing PBX features, with benefits including voicemail and conference calling, to mobile users. This increased functionality is accompanied by the cost savings associated with VoIP and the security and strong encryption provided by Seecrypt.

Secure, Cost-Effective Access To Your Existing Phone System

The Cellcrypt Voice Gateway interfaces to a wide range of digital PBXs so that you can leverage and maximize the benefits of your existing infrastructure without the need for a costly rip/replace strategy and by utilizing Cellcrypt’s secure Voice over IP (VoIP) network, international and long-distance call costs are eliminated.

When configured with a PBX the Cellcrypt Voice Gateway allows any Cellcrypt user to make calls to any non-Cellcrypt secured phone connected to the PBX.


The call segment between the Cellcrypt user and the Cellcrypt Voice Gateway is encrypted providing privacy and security when making calls from potentially untrusted and international locations to trusted and domestic locations.

Operating Requirements



(Debian / Ubuntu)


Extensible using standard channel drivers and 3rd party analog and digital telephony cards


Internet connectivity to Cellcrypt Private Switch and connectivity to PBX

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