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Create your own private, voice and messaging service

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Private Switch Infrastructure
Signaling Server
  • Handles authentication and call set-up for each client​.
  • Includes Enterprise Management Portal to manage and control all devices and users on the Seecrypt network.
Media Server
  • Routes encrypted packets between two devices involved in the media session.

  • Media Relays operate outside the Cellcrypt Network and are deployed in multiple locations worldwide to reduce latency in media sessions.

  • The media relays record no user identifiable information or metadata regarding any media session. 

  • Ensures packets are correctly delivered on networks with poor performance.

Enterprise Management Portal (EMP)
  • A web-based account management system for Cellcrypt.

  • Manage profiles, accounts, devices, subscriptions, and aliases.

  • At a glance, dashboards and detailed reporting.

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The Private Switch is the core of control for Seecrypt and is administered via a web-based management console with access restricted to authorized users.

It manages users, call signaling, call control, and media communications.

Seecrypt Private Switch is designed to be used with the Encrypted Content Delivery Network – a global network of resilient and secure media servers for carrying call and message traffic. 

Authenticates and authorizes every interaction within the network.

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